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Girlfriend MV
Creator: Kiwi id:Kiwiclaw
Yep. Another MV. I worked really hard on this! I hope you like!  :3

Characters in this MV:
(kiwi and kuru don't actually like eachother. In fact they hate eachother guts. But I ship them anyways ewe)

Thankyou fans for all your support on my last MV! It made it into first place in the flipnote ranking! I couldn't have done it without you, fans! <3

Goals for this flip;
10 000 views
30 000 stars
1 red star

This flipnote is unlocked so that you may spin-off. NOT so you cab steal!!
You steal = I report u!!

Please help link if you can! I'd reeeeaaaally appreciate it!

And a little update for all ur requests:
I'm still working on them but I'll definitly get them posted soon! Thanks or your patience!&#160;

One more thing. If you have time, please check out my friend, Akat! She is a wonderful artist and is super friendly!
id: shadowice1
Thanks ^^&#160;